Aelva Danna De Nuru

Week One

Facts determined so far

  1. Lady Estele was wearing a Dark Blue, nearly Black dress.
  2. This is the biggest party in the last Decade.
  3. All of the Dukes and Duchess are here.
  4. Lady Estele will name the Heir to her estate at the end of the party.
  5. She already knows who it is.
  6. Moivre gave Lady Estele an Apple shaped container, that inside holds a vial of Poison.
  7. Colite Had an affair with Andria.
  8. Andria is more interested in Romances.
  9. Colite had a fling with Avis’ wife.
  10. There is an Assassin at the party.
The Masquerade

Chapter 1: The Masquerade

Lady Estelle is throwing a Masquerade. She has some requests for the party:
During the second week, you should not remove your mask.
Your mask should represent something you want to improve.
At least once during the party, you must be honest about the meaning of your mask.

Before the party you must decide three things, why Lady Estelle has invited you to go, what gift you are going to bring her, and what your mask honestly represents.

The party will be three weeks long, each week represents a different aspect of the party, Introduction, Improvement, and Indulgence.

First Week: Introduction
During this week everyone is supposed to go around meeting people they may not know well or haven’t met. You can Tag the party for free this week for 2 dice when learning new things about someone.

Second Week: Improvement
During this week identities will be blurred. You can use this chance to enjoy yourself, and improve upon something about yourself that you are not happy with. You can Tag the party for free this week for 2 dice when trying to improve something your mask represents.

Third Week: Indulgence
During this week everyone will be removing masks, publicly or privately, and Indulging in their improvements. Masks are to be thrown in the Bonfire that will burn all week, before the presentation of your gift. You can Tag the party for free this week for 2 dice when presenting your gift to Lady Estelle.


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