Atma Thorne

"If Aviss dies, everything that is expected of him will then be expected of me. That is the last thing in all of Shan'ri that I want, and so I will protect him."

Three Things
  • He voluntarily served in his Brother’s Personal Guard before being elevated to Senvu.
  • He has always played second fiddle to his Brother… and he prefers it that way.
  • He absolutely loathes his Father.

Public Name: Atma – “My Blade Never Grows Dull”
Family Name: Thorne – “I Am All That I Own”
Secret Name: Cassius – “He Who Breaks the Risen Sleeper”
House: Falcon
Title: Senvu
Theme Song: “Falls On Me” by Fuel
Banked Style: 0

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
W 3 4 2 2 4
The Swordsman
  • Invoke: When dueling.
    • “I have spent my life mastering my craft. Do you possess the same discipline?”
  • Tag: You overlook that you do not want to see.
    • “This does not concern me.”
  • Compel: To protect Aviss’ life at all costs.
    • “Aviss MUST live!”
The Blood of Drax
  • Invoke: When investigating a breach in Law, or enacting punishment for the same.
    • “The Laws of Shan’ri are not to be ignored!”
  • Tag: When doing something that is Lawfully ambiguous or questionable.
    • “Technically, what I am doing here is legal. Technically…”
  • Compel: To investigate potential breaches of Shan’ri Law.
    • “I will look into this, and act appropriately.”

Falvren Dyr (2)
Ashalim Avendi (1)

  • Pain is Today, Honor is Forever
    • Spend a Style Point. You may cancel a tag against any of your Injuries as long as the Injury’s rank is lower than your Courage.
  • The Invisible Cannot Be Touched
    • If you have the Sword in your hand, you can spend a Style Point and cancel three ranks from any Injury inflicted against you.
  • Teeth and Claws
    • During Prowess risks, you may spend two wagers in a row. This Gift also allows you to use two Maneuvers in a row.
  • Injure (2)
    • If you put the hurt on your opponent, you deliver an Injury. Successfully hitting your opponent causes an Injury equal to your ranks in this Maneuver. Each wager you add to that increases the Injury’s rank.
    • So, if your ven has a rank 1 Injure and add two wagers to a successful hit, you’ve given your opponent an Injury 3. (One rank for the Maneuver and two additional ranks for your two wagers. That’s a total of 3.)
    • The bigger an Injury, the better it is for you, the worse it is for your opponent.
    • Because you are the author of your own success or failure, you may assign an Injury of lesser rank if you wish when you strike a successful blow. In other words, you don’t have to apply all your wagers when you hit your enemy. You may, if you wish, “pull you punch.”
  • Defend (1)
    • If the defender rolls higher than the attacker, the defender is the victor and the attacker is the defeated. The defender can then successfully parry the attacker’s attempt at harm.
    • Using Defend subtracts ranks of Injury in the case of a successful hit. In other words, even if your opponent gets a successful hit, subtract your ranks in Defend from the Injury rank he gives you.

Atma Thorne

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