Neesa Steele

"He doesn't understand all that I do for him. The lies I tell, the lives I destroy... all for his benefit. He doesn't understand, but someday he will, and someday he'll Love me for it."

Three Things
  • She met her Husband when they were both children in Etiquette School.
  • She has a wickedly-sharp wit.
  • She Loves her Husband, even though he doesn’t seem to return her feelings.

Public Name: Neesa – “Barbed Tongue”
Family Name: Steele – “I Have Never Surrendered”
Secret Name: Bellum – “A Mind Sharper Than Any Blade”
House: Elk
Title: Baroness
Theme Song: “Going Under” by Evanescence
Banked Style: 0

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
W 4 2 4 3 2
Greatness Casts a Long Shadow
  • Invoke: When working behind the scenes.
    • “At least my bombastic ass of a Husband is good for something…”
  • Tag: When seeking to take credit for something, whether she deserves it or not.
    • “My gift, and my curse, is that no-one is likely to ever know just how talented I really am.”
  • Compel: To give credit of her accomplishments to someone else.
    • “As much as I hate to admit it, I do better work when no-one is paying attention.”
I Love My Husband
  • Invoke: When protecting Aviss or his interests.
    • “Sometimes I cannot STAND that man… and yet, he is undeniably magnetic.”
  • Tag: When someone knows that Aviss does not feel the same way.
    • “Someday he will see my worth and my devotion. Someday he will understand all that I’ve done for him.”
  • Compel: To become jealous or protective of her Husband, no matter the danger.
    • “He is MINE!”

Manna Renay (1)
Talten Steele (1)
Ashalim Avendi (1)

  • Circle of Protection
    • The ven must draw a circle on the ground with her own Blood to invoke this Blessing. Drawing a circle takes one action. The circle must be drawn on a solid surface. It cannot be drawn on gravel or sand or any surface that will not make a full circle with the ven’s Blood. If the circle loses its integrity, the magic of the circle is broken. The ven must also know the true name of the person or persons inside the circle. All three names.
    • Once the circle is drawn, nothing may enter it. Nothing. No arrows, no fire, no swords, nothing. Nothing may damage the circle but the person inside and the ven who drew it. The circle lasts until dawn the next day.
  • Moving the Pawn
    • Spend a Style Point and give another ven a Free Aspect. The Aspect must be associated with a specific goal. Not a general goal, not an open-ended goal, but a specific task that has an end-state. A resolution.
    • The Aspect has an invoke worth a number of dice equal to 1 plus half your Cunning, rounded up. The Aspect also has a tag. An enemy can gain two bonus dice when your aren’t performing actions directly related to the assigned task. The Aspect also has a compel. Anyone can spend a Style Point to force you back on the path of performing your task.
    • The Aspect remains a number of Seasons equal to the Devotion of the Elk who gave you the task, losing one die per Season. When the Aspect loses its last die, it is gone.
    • No ven may have this Blessing used upon him twice, either by the same ven or by two ven.
  • The Cloak Deceivious
    • This blessing requires a cloak and a Style Point. The ven may disguise himself in a general way: a soldier, guard, innkeeper, etc. The blessing causes any to look upon the blessed as if he naturally belonged to the scene. That is, if he is disguised as a guard in a castle, the other guards would look at him as if he was supposed to be where he was, doing what he was supposed to be doing. The Cloak Deceiveous only lasts until the disguised ven takes off the cloak or tells a lie. Once he tells a lie, the disguise is over.
  • Injure (1)
    • If you put the hurt on your opponent, you deliver an Injury. Successfully hitting your opponent causes an Injury equal to your ranks in this Maneuver. Each wager you add to that increases the Injury’s rank.
    • So, if your ven has a rank 1 Injure and add two wagers to a successful hit, you’ve given your opponent an Injury 3. (One rank for the Maneuver and two additional ranks for your two wagers. That’s a total of 3.)
    • The bigger an Injury, the better it is for you, the worse it is for your opponent.
    • Because you are the author of your own success or failure, you may assign an Injury of lesser rank if you wish when you strike a successful blow. In other words, you don’t have to apply all your wagers when you hit your enemy. You may, if you wish, “pull you punch.”

Neesa Steele

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