Brom Jalan

"Darkness is only the opposite side of light. The two are the same coin."


Three Facts
  1. His marriage is an attempt to ease tensions between the Jalan Family and the Elk’s Thayl Family.
  2. He dreams of becoming a successful Gothic fiction novelist, combining elements of both horror and romance.
  3. He travels a lot, seeking inspiration for his stories, leaving his wife in charge of their lands.

Public Name: Brom – “Beautiful Darkness”
Family Name: Jalan – “I Carry History’s Price.”
Secret Name: Ve’l – “Oppressor of Tyranny”
Age: Spring (4)
House: Serpent
Title: Baron Jervas
Theme Song: “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day
Banked Style: 2

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
2 3 W 4 4 2
I Walk a Lonely Road
  • Invoke: Whenever I work in solitude.
    • “My horror only comes when I am at my most alone.”
  • Tag: When required to react with a proper emotion.
    • “My horror is always in my mind, sometimes I find it difficult to react properly.”
  • Compel: To seek seclusion.
    • “My horror drives me away from all other distractions.”
What’s Fucked up and Everythings All Right
  • Invoke: To perceive the details that surround me.
    • “I can see everything from the minutiae to the grand picture.”
  • Tag: When being convinced that everything is going according to plan.
    • “I can see too much and understand how things can turn out.”
  • Compel: To study the scene around me.
    • “I can get caught up in absorbing the details of my environment.”

Aviss Thorne (Mike)

  • Talia Yvarai (1)
  • Tyan Bran (1)
  • Manna Renay (1)
  • A Fox’s Eyes
    • Spend a Style Point when you become Inspired. You know one tag or compel from the artist’s Aspects.
  • Serpent’s Kiss
    • If the Serpent discovers he has been poisoned, he may spend a Style Point to negate the poison. Like all Blessings, this one may only be used once per Season.
  • Circle of Protection
    • The ven must draw a circle on the ground with her own Blood to invoke this Blessing. Drawing a circle takes one action. The circle must be drawn on a solid surface. It cannot be drawn on gravel or sand or any surface that will not make a full circle with the ven’s Blood. If the circle loses its integrity, the magic of the circle is broken. The ven must also know the true name of the person or persons inside the circle. All three names. Once the circle is drawn, nothing may enter it. Nothing. No arrows, no fire, no swords, nothing. Nothing may damage the circle but the person inside and the ven who drew it. The circle lasts until dawn the next day.
  • Orichalcum
  • Injury (1)
    • If you put the hurt on your opponent, you deliver an Injury. Successfully hitting your opponent causes an Injury equal to your ranks in this Maneuver. Each wager you add to that increases the Injury’s rank.
    • So, if your ven has a rank 1 Injure and add two wagers to a successful hit, you’ve given your opponent an Injury 3. (One rank for the Maneuver and two additional ranks for your two wagers. That’s a total of 3.)
    • The bigger an Injury, the better it is for you, the worse it is for your opponent.
    • Because you are the author of your own success or failure, you may assign an Injury of lesser rank if you wish when you strike a successful blow. In other words, you don’t have to apply all your wagers when you hit your enemy. You may, if you wish, “pull you punch.”
Domain (Jervas – “Day Dreams”)
Type Rank Name Meaning Producing Holdings Troubled
Manor (1) 1 Arkham “Old House” Nothing Never
Village (2) 1 Innsmouth “Deep Waters” Goods
Farm (1) 1 Hopps End “The First Farm” Food
Farm (1) 1 Hobbs End “The Last Farm” Food
Forest (2) 1 Dunwich “Ghoulwoods” Lumber
Plains (2) 1 Bolton “Rolling Vines” Wine
Mountains (2) 1 Danvers “Mountains of Madness” Stone
Swamp (2) 1 Legrasse “Prophetic Waters” Herbs X
River (1) 1 Misktatonic “Runs with Blood” Trade
Ruins (X) 1 R’lyeh “Sunken City” Nothing
Type Rank Name Meaning Fed Aspects Notes
Spouse 2 Taska Steele “Clever Homemaker” Always
Valet 1 Si’r “Busybody”
Apothecary 1 Irem “Keeper of Flowers”
Staff 1 Cthu “The Hard Workers”
Roadmen 2 Shog “The Relentless” X
Personal Guard 1 Dago “By Land or Sea” X Injury (1)
Bonus Spend
  • Region: River 1
  • Region: Swamp 1
  • Region: Ruins 1
  • Vassal: Roadmen 1
  • Vassal: Apothecary 1
Type Resource Count
Castle Stores Food 2
Industry 1
Poison 1
Lumber 1
Wine 1
Stone 1
Herbs 1
Current Season Actions
Action # Action
Brom Refine Art (The Whisperer in Darkness)
Taska #1 Vassal Training – Spouse 2/3
Taska #2 Vassal Training – Roadmen 2/3
Taska #4 Build a Holding (Manor: Art Gallery) 1/2
Innsmouth Produced Goods (Cloak)
Apothecary Immune to Poison – Strychnine
Roadmen #1 Quell Trouble – Swamp
Roadmen #2 Quell Trouble – Swamp
Personal Guard Learn Maneuver – Defend (1)
River Trade – 1 Industry to 1 Wine
Contact: Aviss Thorne Create Art (The Nameless City)
Spring #1 Season Actions
Action # Action
Brom Create Art (The Whisperer in Darkness)
Taska #1 Quell Trouble – Personal Guard
Taska #2 Vassal Training – Spouse 1/3
Taska #4 Learn Sorcery – Orichalcum
Innsmouth None – Troubled
Apothecary Immune to Poison – Strychnine
Roadmen #1 Quell Trouble – Plains
Roadmen #2 Quell Trouble – Mountains
Personal Guard Learn Maneuver – Injury (1)
River Trade – 1 Metal to 1 Poison
Contact: Aviss Thorne Vassal Training – Roadmen 1/3

Create Art
The Whisperer in Darkness
The Whisperer in Darkness is a five-part progression of an idea. Poem, Short Story, Novel, Theater, then Opera. The story consists of an adopted Ven child who’s always felt different. He falls in love, has a heated romance, and slowly turns into an unimaginable horror. His lover flees from him and he ends up killing her. In the final stages of his transformation he takes his own life.
Resource: Wine
Potential: 5
Current Rank: 2

The Nameless City The Nameless City is an illustrated short story that incorporates visual elements from Lady Estelle’s Masquerade party along with the visual elements that Brom saw while spending the Summer in Aviss’s village Irori. Its the tale of a brave baron who descents from his castle on a white steed of impressive prestige to find his massive city completely empty of Veth. The baron explores the city and takes in the empty streets before returning to his castle. The next day he returned to his city to find everything normal. From that day forwards the Baron saw monsters in the shadows of the city whenever he was alone. Resource: Wine
Potential: 4
Current Rank: 1



Average height and average build, Brom is no paragon of Ven physicality. Despite being in the Spring of his life his hairline is already receding and he looks far older then he actually is. His face is lined and he typically has shadows under his eyes. He isn’t in good shape but he’s not fat or sickly.

Brom seemingly sleeps very little he is constantly haunted by nightmares when alone or asleep. Most Ven describe him as a dark and brooding man who’s constantly caught up in his Arts. He manages his domain meagerly and spends most of his free time either sheltered and writing or on the road traveling.

Another Ven poet once wrote of Brom:

Dark of hair and poise,
We met at first in the Spring,
He was somehow wrong.

He seemed so haunted,
When we met in the Summer,
He terrified me.

Eyes full of Nightmare,
At my court in the Autumn,
His gift was my fears.

Soul dark with Terror,
We met last in the Winter,
He barely seemed Ven.


Father is under the shadow of House Bear (Roll: 1)
Mother is under the shadow of House Serpent (Roll: 5)
Father is the Submissive (Roll: 3)
Mother is the Dominant (Roll: 6)
The 6th born (Roll: 6)
0 surviving siblings. (Roll: 1)
Father is a Count (Roll: 4)
Mother is a Count (Roll: 5)
Married (Roll: 4)
Two Children (Roll: 6)


Someday, Sometime, Somehow, Brom will discover that some of his works are not that of fiction. There are deep, hidden, horrible creatures that sleep withing Shanri. They are the ones that make the Ven suffer. The Storm is an extension of their power. Brom’s inspiration comes from their sleeping dreams seeping into his mind. Once all this is revealed to him its a sharp slide into madness.


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Brom Jalan

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