Aviss Thorne

"I am more than simple flesh and bone. I am more than the blood in my veins and the beat of my heart. I am greater than you could possibly hope to imagine."


Three Things

  • He is his mother’s favorite.
  • Though small, his horse farms raise some of the fastest and most enduring ilderim in Shan’ri.
  • He educates his Veth and teaches them to read and write in an effort to increase their productivity.

Public Name: Aviss – “You Can’t Stop Me”
Family Name: Thorne – “I Am All That I Own"
Secret Name: Ashalim – “Blind and Bold”
House: Falcon
Title: Baron
Theme Song: “I Am The Highway” by Audioslave
Banked Style: 4

Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
3 2 3 3 W 4

Blood of the Falcon, Heart of the Ilderim

  • Invoke: When doing something on horseback.
    • “I stand taller with a good horse beneath me.”
  • Tag: When aboard a boat, due to possible sea-sickness.
    • “Ahem… the deck is heaving a bit much for my taste… please excuse me…”
  • Compel: To see to the care or safety of his Horse.
    • “That beast has faithfully carried me out of countless dangers. It is too valuable to leave behind.”

The Suaven Bless My Pen

  • Invoke: When attempting to persuade or inspire by writing.
    • “The pen may not be mightier than the Sword, but it is formidable in its own way.”
  • Tag: When someone else is trying to persuade or inspire me by writing
    • “As a writer myself, I find myself swayed by your rhyme and verse.”
  • Compel: To make negotiations or persuasion via correspondence, rather than in person.
    • “We should not be hasty. Let us make these arrangements from the comfort of our own Domains.”


  • Talise Thorne, mother and Blooded of the Falcon. Marquess.
  • Resh Mwrr, father and Blooded of the Serpent. Baron.
    • Atma Thorne, brother and Blooded of the Falcon. Roadman.
    • Ater Mwrr, sister and Blooded of the Serpent. Baroness.
    • Atra Mwrr, sister and Blooded of the Serpent. Baroness.
    • Atrum Mwrr, sister and Blooded of the Serpent. Baroness.
    • Neesa Steele, wife and Blooded of the Elk. Baroness.
      • Ashram, son.


  • Brom Jalan

Ashalim Avendi (3)


  • Ironwood Bow
    • An old Blessing trusted only with the most esteemed Falcons. The Devoted goes forth into the world seeking a tree that has been struck by lightning. He retrieves a limb from that tree—a limb that has not touched the ground. Blood mingles with the wood producing a bow that hums in his hands and sings in his ears. Arrows from this bow may cause Injury to spectres and the user can also use Maneuvers with the bow.
  • The Sacred Tool
    • The steady hand, the unflinching eye. It takes more than just skill to use the Sacred Tool.
      You cannot use this Blessing if Prowess is your weakness.
      Spend a Style Point. When using a bow, you may add your Courage and Prowess together as your Virtue in the risk.
  • I Am The Road
    • During Season actions, you may spend a Style Point to Quell Trouble in a number of Regions equal to your Courage. You may not perform the action in any noble’s lands but your own, regardless of title or contacts or any other factors. Your lands alone.


  • Injure (1)
    • If you put the hurt on your opponent, you deliver an Injury. Successfully hitting your opponent causes an Injury equal to your ranks in this Maneuver. Each wager you add to that increases the Injury’s rank.
    • So, if your ven has a rank 1 Injure and add two wagers to a successful hit, you’ve given your opponent an Injury 3. (One rank for the Maneuver and two additional ranks for your two wagers. That’s a total of 3.)
    • The bigger an Injury, the better it is for you, the worse it is for your opponent.
    • Because you are the author of your own success or failure, you may assign an Injury of lesser rank if you wish when you strike a successful blow. In other words, you don’t have to apply all your wagers when you hit your enemy. You may, if you wish, “pull you punch."
  • Defend (1)
    • If the defender rolls higher than the attacker, the defender is the victor and the attacker is the defeated. The defender can then successfully parry the attacker’s attempt at harm.
    • Using Defend subtracts ranks of Injury in the case of a successful hit. In other words, even if your opponent gets a successful hit, subtract your ranks in Defend from the Injury rank he gives you.

Domain (Taira Kame, “In Sight of the Suaven”)
|. Type |. Rank |. Name |_. Meaning |. Producing |. Holdings |. Troubled |
| Castle | 1 | Shin Ika | “The Heart’s Thunderous Beat” | Nothing | - | - |
| Village | 3 | Irori | “The Faithful’s Hearth” | Nothing | - | - |
| Farm | 2 | Iki’kaze | “Spirits of the Wind” | Food | - | - |
| Forest | 1 | Kumori | “The Shadowy Thicket” | Lumber | - | - |
| Mountain | 1 | Giri-Ten | “The Height of Honor” | Stone | - | - |
| Plains | 1 | Taira Flats | “In Sight of the Suaven” | Wine | - | - |

|. Type |. Rank |. Name |. Meaning |. Fed |. Notes |
| Spouse | 3 | Neesa Steele | “Barbed Tongue” | X | – |
| Staff | 1 | Frosh | “The Rich Beggars” | - | – |
| Personal Guard| 3 | Kata’si | “The Blind Blades” | - | Maneuvers: Injure 2, Defend 1 |
| Spy Network | 1 | Uriole | “The Couriers” | - | – |
| Roadmen | 1 | Riale | “The Shield of Earth” | - | – |

Season Actions

  • Aviss (2 Actions)
    • Train Roadmen (1/2)
    • Learn Maneuver (Defend 2)
      • Contact Actions
        • Brom Jalan: Make Contact (Moryandal Steele)
  • Neesa Steele (3 Actions)
    • Train Staff (1/2)
    • Improve Region (Mountains)
    • Improve Region (Forest)
  • Personal Guard (3 Actions)
    • Learn Maneuver (Injure 3)
    • Learn Maneuver (Defend 2)
    • Learn Maneuver (Defend 3)
  • Atma Thorne (4 Actions)
    • Learn Maneuver (Injure 3)
    • Learn Maneuver (Defend 2)
    • Learn Maneuver (Defend 3)
    • Teach Maneuver (Injure 2)
  • Spy Network (1 Action)
    • Increase Security
  • Roadmen (1 Action)
    • Explore Region (Shoreline)
  • Craftsman (1 Action)
    • Craft Goods (Ilderim, Rank 2/3)

|. Type |_. Resource |. Count |
| Castle Stores | Industry | 2 |
| - | Lumber | 2 |
| - | Stone | 2 |
| - | Wine | 2 |



Aviss’ tragedy will be horrific to behold, even to the most hardened of Ven. After climbing his way up the secret cult of the Beggar Brigand, Aviss will come to believe himself to be Ashalim Avendi reborn. He will strive to prove this to the rest of the Ven and herald the return of the Suaven. After doing something that seems to prove that he is who he claims to be, Aviss will be possessed by a Spectre and come to terrorize the lands that he once protected.

Aviss Thorne

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